At Enhance, the underfloor heating system of choice is Polypipe – the UK’s largest manufacturer of floor heating products. Polypipe flooring systems have shown reliable long-term performance in both traditional and unique settings, and as registered installers of Polypipe underfloor heating we have found the products to be ideal for new-builds, home renovations and when retrofitting to existing properties.

The three main methods of installation for underfloor heating are for:

Solid Floors

Polypipe screeded floor panels are used on solid or screeded floors of any size and shape. The lightweight plastic floor panels form a grid and provide a precise guide for the pipe to be laid, ensuring that the minimum pipe bending radius is achieved. This system is laid above pre-installed insulation and includes edging insulation strip to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.

Floating Floors

Floating floor underfloor heating systems are used where a solid floor installation is not suitable due to structural weight limitations or where a ‘dry build’ floor option is required, for example, directly on top of timber floors. The Polypipe floating floor system uses 50mm thick high-density polystyrene panels that have a thermal value of 0.036W/mK and can be used to enhance the thermal insulation requirement of the floor structure as required under current Building Regulations.

Suspended Floors

The Polypipe suspended floor system is designed for use on timber suspended or battened floors and can be fitted from below – should the floor above have already been installed. This floor heating system uses double heat spreader plates that diffuse heat across the entire floor surface, and for larger floor areas, can be used with Polypipe OverlayTM Lite 15 panels for better insulation throughout the covered area.